Saturday, June 12, 2010


Blahhh my goal of updating my blog every single day has been obliterated. Ya can't blame me, I was tired as heck since Erica slept over and we both got no sleep at all. We got on this website called, which I wanted an account on very badly. But I won't get one because apparently it's a 'bad' website. Now I'm vervous for her.
But anyway, today was just a plain ol regular Arkansas BORING day. I wish more would around here. But after the 15th, some majorly awesome events will go down.

June 15th - Premiere of the "On Melancholy Hill" music video by Gorillaz on iTunes
June 17th - Release of Skullduggery Island on Poptropica
June 18th - Sir James Paul McCartney's birthday
June 21st - Joseph Charles "McGorgeous [nicknamed by Paisley Davis]" Molland's birthday
June 22nd - First day of trip to Colorado
July 7th - Richard Starkey's birthday
July 24th - PAUL MCCARNEY CONCERT!!!!!!!!!!!

Phew, that's a lot. while a few those aren't really that major, they're all pretty darn exciting.
Have fun with whatever you're doing this summer, peeps :)

Paisley xx

::EDIT:: BLARRGG I FORGOT! People who don't know me too well don't know my fourth favorite band; Gorillaz. I mentioned them somewhere in the beginning. Here's a pic of them.
The one with blue hair all up in the camera's face is 2D, the lead singer. The gorgeous one with the beard is Murdoc Niccals, whom I will marry someday. The little girl to the left of 2D is Noodle. And the last one is Russel Hobbs. They're all majorly groovy and awesome, so check them out if you haven't heard them already.
peace and love!