Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Guess who's bored?

Meeee. You have to be unbelievably bored to update your blog four times in one friggan day. This blog IS pretty much one long ramble of mine, so why don't I just ramble for a while? Sit on the storytime rug, kiddies.
So. Davy Jones just released a new single on iTunes called 'Amore.' I jst listened to a bit of it and it's GUUUUUUUD!!!!!!! I want it. Quite badly. If only my iPod shuffle weren't such a turd, and if only my mother would let me BUY stuff off of iTunes, I would get it.
I don't understand why mother bought me an iPod in the first place if I can't buy music. Isn't that what an iPod is FOR?? Either way, it's been broken for a while so I guess there's no use.
A few posts back I said I'm in a theatre production of 'Hello, Dolly!' and that I just got back from rehearsals. Well, now I'm depressed because I can't go back until Monday.
It's Tuesday.
Blargggggggggg. I had SO MUCH FUN last night, I hope I'll have as much fun next time. I remember I was so worried when I first showed up there, I couldn't find the other girls and was scared to death I'd have to rehearse solo. I found them, Lul.
I think that's all I have to say for now, and if I have more to say later, I promise I won't be a bugger and just edit it all into this post (Which is already pretty long but whatevs).
Fank you, loyal readers. If I even have any.