Saturday, June 12, 2010


Blahhh my goal of updating my blog every single day has been obliterated. Ya can't blame me, I was tired as heck since Erica slept over and we both got no sleep at all. We got on this website called, which I wanted an account on very badly. But I won't get one because apparently it's a 'bad' website. Now I'm vervous for her.
But anyway, today was just a plain ol regular Arkansas BORING day. I wish more would around here. But after the 15th, some majorly awesome events will go down.

June 15th - Premiere of the "On Melancholy Hill" music video by Gorillaz on iTunes
June 17th - Release of Skullduggery Island on Poptropica
June 18th - Sir James Paul McCartney's birthday
June 21st - Joseph Charles "McGorgeous [nicknamed by Paisley Davis]" Molland's birthday
June 22nd - First day of trip to Colorado
July 7th - Richard Starkey's birthday
July 24th - PAUL MCCARNEY CONCERT!!!!!!!!!!!

Phew, that's a lot. while a few those aren't really that major, they're all pretty darn exciting.
Have fun with whatever you're doing this summer, peeps :)

Paisley xx

::EDIT:: BLARRGG I FORGOT! People who don't know me too well don't know my fourth favorite band; Gorillaz. I mentioned them somewhere in the beginning. Here's a pic of them.
The one with blue hair all up in the camera's face is 2D, the lead singer. The gorgeous one with the beard is Murdoc Niccals, whom I will marry someday. The little girl to the left of 2D is Noodle. And the last one is Russel Hobbs. They're all majorly groovy and awesome, so check them out if you haven't heard them already.
peace and love!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

I want to strangle a lamp.

Don't ask about the title XD SO. I'm in love with another new
song. HAAAAAAAAA. I bet you thought I was gonna say 'band.' As everyone knows, I tend to get obsessive over not only bands, but songs as well. Two of my biggest song obsessions are 'Dancing Through Life' from Wicked and 'Girl' by Davy Jones. But I've added another new addition to the list as of two days ago: 'Angel' by Natasha Bedingfield.
IT'S JUST SO GUUUUUUUUD. It's pretty and has a really really good beat. The music vid is pretty groovy, too. So check it out, it's a great song.
I think that's all for now, peepserz. :]

Gutbye xx

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Anyone else want to see that movie 'Precious'?

Yeahhh, I'm way too young to see it. I'm not even legal for PG-13 movies yet, anyway D: But I WILL see it one day, I tell you. It looks like such a good movie. Sad, but still good.
On another note, my mom is buying tickets for the big Paul McCartney concert today. We have an early shot at getting tickets because mom has an AmericanExpress credit card, and apparently they're 'special' and get a chance to buy tickets first. Which is exciting, because that way no one can steal 'em. :P
And I learned some sad news today; My Badfinger CD won't be coming till June 28.
Dude, we bought it four frickin' days ago and we just got an e-mail saying it wouldn't come till then.
Blahhhhh. At least I have the concert to look forward to. OMG I'M SO EXCITEDDDD PMACC! IN CONCAHT!!!!!!! X3

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

DINO RUN CHEATSES!!!!1!!!!!!11ELEVEN!!1!!!!!!!

Yeahhhh I know I promised I would edit anyother things I had to say today in my last post, but this is so awesome it deserves a post of it's own.
If you know me well, you know I'm obsessed with the game Dino Run. If you don't know what it is, it's an online game where you play a little dinosaur trying to escape extinction. It's a REALLY ADDICTING GAME, a warning before you play it.
If you like Dino Run, and if you're even reading this, here are some cheat codes for it.

top speed - dinoracer
No Doom Wall - explore
super strong - calcium
Lots of Meteors - smokey
hats for your dino - don8tosaur

To activate these, you click on Options+Speedruns on the Main menu, then click Cheats+Mods. You can enter the codes above to access the cheats.
New players of Dino Run; You may be wondering wtf the Doom Wall is. Well, when the sky turns red, the screen shakes, the ground and dinos turn black and a giant cloud of black landslidey stuff comes at you really fast and you have to outrun it. If it catches up to're screwed. If you plan to try Insane! hard mode, you might want to turn it off.
You're welcome, fellow Dino Run players :)

Guess who's bored?

Meeee. You have to be unbelievably bored to update your blog four times in one friggan day. This blog IS pretty much one long ramble of mine, so why don't I just ramble for a while? Sit on the storytime rug, kiddies.
So. Davy Jones just released a new single on iTunes called 'Amore.' I jst listened to a bit of it and it's GUUUUUUUD!!!!!!! I want it. Quite badly. If only my iPod shuffle weren't such a turd, and if only my mother would let me BUY stuff off of iTunes, I would get it.
I don't understand why mother bought me an iPod in the first place if I can't buy music. Isn't that what an iPod is FOR?? Either way, it's been broken for a while so I guess there's no use.
A few posts back I said I'm in a theatre production of 'Hello, Dolly!' and that I just got back from rehearsals. Well, now I'm depressed because I can't go back until Monday.
It's Tuesday.
Blargggggggggg. I had SO MUCH FUN last night, I hope I'll have as much fun next time. I remember I was so worried when I first showed up there, I couldn't find the other girls and was scared to death I'd have to rehearse solo. I found them, Lul.
I think that's all I have to say for now, and if I have more to say later, I promise I won't be a bugger and just edit it all into this post (Which is already pretty long but whatevs).
Fank you, loyal readers. If I even have any.


You're a wizard, Ringo.

And last, but certainly not least, THE BEATLES :)

You're a wizard, Joey.

And now our Badfingah boys in THEIR Hogwarts houses :)

You're a wizard, Davy.

I'm diving my favorite bands into their Hogwarts houses. Here's the Monkees for ya XD

Monday, June 7, 2010


OMG I'M UPDATING! AGAIN! This must be a record, man, write in in gold. Anyway, ig you don't know me in real life and I haven't told you already, I'M IN A PLAYYYY. IT'S CALLED HELLO, DOLLY! AND IT'S SUPER DE SUPER AWESOME. I just got back from our third rehearsal and it was FUN FUN FUN.
We learned our choreography for when we get on stage, and got to practice our awesome walk-skip-jump thingy whatever in the hallway outside the auditiorium. I kept saying ' I'M FROM THE BUREU (sp?) OR FUNNY WALKS.' yey random Monty Python references!
So I am PSYCHED for our next rehearsals, which will be next Monday. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand CUT AND PRINT YAY C: Byeee!

(P.S. For being nice and reading this whole friggan thing, you get a picture of Joey McGorgeous Molland ^_^)

Sunday, June 6, 2010


OH MY GOD, WHAT IS IT WITH ME AND NOT UPDATING THIS THING? fffffffANYWAY Guess ho's going to see Macca himself in concert?? MEEEEEEE 8D I'm soooo flippan excited, you have no idea. July 24; seen-to-be the best day of my life!
Just an itsy bitsy little update, more will come tomorrow. And hopefully the day after that. And if I don't fall asleep on the keyboard or something I just might update.. THREE DAYS IN A ROW OOOO
Yeahhh I'm bored. Just because I'm nice I'ma give you a pic of the gorgeously gorgeous Joey McGorgeous Molland. Because he's, well, gorgeous. Just a hint that I'm sort of in love with him.